Okay, you've obviously made it this far... to the dark side of the website. But first - a bit about what this is, and what it isn't.

This is not some sort of "revenge list" - although many listed here do deserve to be on one. This is my own personal list I use to keep track of potential problem clients; and it is a list that I share with other providers in the area, so that they may avoid them as well. It is also the "personal blacklist" that I explicitly warn everyone about on my home page, the link to which you no doubt followed here. There are reasons these people ended up on this list, and perhaps it will serve as a lesson and give some insight into what us providers go through when you aren't around.

First of all, you have to understand that providers can get many many phone calls in a month. Most are harmless and polite. I (and many other providers) explicitly ask you not to text when you first contact, so we can have this chance to talk to you, and screen you to some degree. That being said, there are people that just text and refuse to call. There are people that begin their first conversation with the worst kind of sexual discussion that it cannot legally continue. Many times, these texts and calls can even become harassing. I still get texts at 6am from some idiot who simply refuses to stop texting me, and telling me he has $60. (Like, so what?) I've begged and pleaded, humiliated and insulted him, and then even said I've blocked him... and stopped answering for six months. But he still does it. All the time. Always in the early mornings. Some of these people, you see, just ain't right in the head.

Then there's the whole other level of douchebag. The people that will actually book time and NEVER SHOW. Despite confirming the appointment. Despite all the scary warnings on the website about what will happen. (Which is why they are there; and they work.) These are categorized as NCNS (No Call/No Show), and are among the worst douchebags. They will actually let you get into an uber to meet them, tie up time at your incall so another girl can't use it, even front for a hotel room, yank you out of a grocery store, keep you at your incall waiting until 2am, leave dinner with friends early, any way they can inconvenience you as much as possible to accomodate them... then, not show. And they always hide afterwards - they never answer texts or their phone. Cowards, essentially. And worse - some of these people actually do it as pranks. They think it's funny.

Others are simply new. They are new to this, new to providers, and maybe even new to tgirls... and they are incredibly unstable and ready to bolt at a moment's notice. They are the reason newbies get such a bad name and many providers will not even see them. I call them scared bunny rabbits, because of how they run for the bushes suddenly. They can vanish literally at any time. Usually, it's after booking the appointment - which just results in an NCNS - but sometimes they actually wait until they are walking from their car. Or when they enter the building. I even had one have a panic attack just after he arrived, and he literally ran out the door. Mostly, you never hear from them again... but, other times, they will actually text you a grovelling apology about how they "just couldn't go through with it."

So I put their info here. This way, other providers can avoid their bullshit.

Strap yourself in.


bill/davexxx-236-1435 got "lost" between hotel and ATM and incall
billxxx-779-7187 04.15.?? 845pm
blakexxx-613-7580 05.22.17 130pm
bobbyxxx-226-3133 02.16.12 1pm
bryanxxx-392-4727 06.16.11 8pm session w gf
chris/kurtxxx-897-255305.10.11 2pm
coltonxxx-592-2021 01.05.16 6pm
danxxx-276-1199**03.14.19 8pm outcall to Le Meridien. Client vanished. Left his number and name with front desk.
davexxx-475-6506 01.07.11 5pm
dennisxxx-312-3477 09.02.12 5pm (dinner date)
dougxxx-733-1603 11.11.11 3pm
frank/scottxxx-448-7110 04.29.14 4pm 07/07/14 7pm (he even got a SECOND chance!)
gregxxx-928-5394called and whined and bitched to get this last appt, then still doesn't show, despite claiming to be "right around the corner"
gregxxx-678-2679 04.29.14
james/davidxxx-845-7366 01.05.11 9pm
jasonxxx-962-462103.01.17 5:30pm
jeffxxx-533-9334 05.18.11 2pm
jim/mark/bobxxx-606-6150 05.13.11 8pm
johnxxx-704-0350 01.11.11 1pm
johnxxx-717-2787 08.26.11 11am @ phx
johnxxx-766-8058 02.14.11 730pm (valentine's day, no less!)
johnxxx-603-3432 12.19.18 3pm
johnathonxxx-814-4762 08.05.10 noon
josexxx-891-2275 07.28.11 noon
kylexxx-602-6049 07.08.18 4pm
leexxx-261-4037 08.24.16 7pm (there was also a SECOND previous ncns)
marcusxxx-258-8330 08.24.16 7pm
mark/sabianxxx-435-3504 04.12.15 730pm
markxxx-443-2421 12.27.11 @ 6pm
michaelxxx-251-2487 09.29.15 1230pm
michaelxxx-748-1601 04.21.11 1pm Client arrived 20min early, and didn't want to give me 5 minutes to finish getting ready... so he shut off his phone and left
michaelxxx-805-6508 12.29.18 7pm
michaelxxx-309-0284 03.03.15 330pm
mikexxx-249-9691 09.13.??
mikexxx-465-7681 09.15.10 10pm booked w 30min notice, then vanished
mikexxx-583-7051 11.27.15 9pm
mikexxx-477-9867 03.29.13 130pm
nickxxx-348-9839 07.29.?? 10am
nickxxx-887-0857 08.07.10
pacinoxxx-432-5055 08.16.?? 630pm
raulxxx-435-6877 06.19.18 630pm
rayxxx-673-8729 04.25.11 3pm
royxxx-661-8273 01.10.18 2pm
russxxx-804-9735 02.13.19 1pm Rushed me all morning from his first call at 8am... to meet "immediately" at 1pm, confirmed twice, only to have him vanish and stop answering phone - but he did send a text an hour later to say he "was here"... probably at another provider's. Because that's the kind of dbag he is. ;-)
ryanxxx-707-9616 08.27.10 @ phx
samxxx-233-2609 04.12.18 8pm
scottxxx-617-1444 07.22.11 noon
shawnxxx-207-5380 01.27.14 @ 7pm
stevexxx-896-0441 05.31.11 5pm
tomxxx-890-5879 03.03.15 7pm
travisxxx-241-270604.06.18 7pm / refuses to stop calling; may be stalker
victorxxx-693-1145 05.03.11 8pm - booked 24 hrs in advance, and confirmed an hour before, yet...?
Wendell/Leroyxxx-308-1640 09.15.14 8pm
xavierxxx-713-9438 09.15.18 10pm
zackxxx-556-1362 10.29.16 3pm


bob/garyxxx-221-4656 2313 Harris Lane, Haltom City, TX 76117 FAKE ADDRESS
chrisxxx-212-3599 possible crank
danielxxx-496-1780 time waster
dannyxxx-770-2550* nasty texts
ericxxx-629-8090 nasty texts
fredxxx-578-4953 money short $106
halthom city scammerxxx-864-0544 3213 meadow oaks drive, haltom city, tx 76117 FAKE ADDRESS
jackxxx-274-9305 didn't want to be bothered when he couldn't type in website url for directions
jadenxxx-681-5303 nasty texts
jasonxxx-765-7065 such a dbag, I even wrote an entire article for Geisha Diaries about him after it happened
jeremyxxx-235-0155 nasty texts
mattxxx-722-4738abusive asshole. Refused to believe pictures were real and accused me of catfishing. WTF?!
mikexxx-608-1550 demands bareback - or else!
sam/budxxx-886-6139 rude timewaster. calls from business line
seanxxx-771-1531 won't stop calling; wants an outcall to his rapeshack
shanexxx-231-1263 nasty text
shawnxxx-744-9957 sounds like a teenager
?xxx-971-5347 do you date bm?
?xxx-599-2207 moody bitch
?xxx-772-1658super creepy perv
?xxx-917-2378 scared bunny rabbit; too afraid to even talk!
?xxx-775-0468sounds like kids making a crankcall

Scared Bunny Rabbits

teddyxxx-210-9460 scared bunny rabbit
colexxx-725-7142 scared bunny rabbit
daltonxxx-989-6178 scared bunny rabbit
brianxxx-394-4139* he literally ran back down the hallway, texting me later that I was the "ugliest son of a bich he's ever seen" - even though I never saw him, and he never saw me.
robxxx-684-1212 07.08.15 1130pm scared bunny rabbit - vanished after arrival
jasonxxx-881-0538 scared bunny rabbit? vanished somewhere between parking lot and incall, never to answer phone again